Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Show Me Your Muscles..."

The most fun part of the Fourth of July celebration (for kids and adults alike) was the Slip -n- Slide. Most or all of the parents of the featured munchkins played on one of these as a child. They also went by the brand name Wet Banana...I know that's what we had at our house. It came complete with a banana shaped water sprinkler to wet down the surface...but I digress.

To me, watching the kiddos run and slide reminded me of how easy life once was. My Aunt Lisa and I discussed 4th family gatherings of old, and we all reminisced over one family story or another that we all Papaw getting bent out of shape over a fire cracker run amuck! Man, those were the days.

So, when I began snapping pics of the kids sliding and squealing and generally having a fantastic time, we all got into it. All I had to say was "show me your muscles," and the rest is history!




Jon, my brand new step-nephew, who is built like Braden and looks just like Garrett...fits right in and now he's FAMILY! :0)



Most of the family showing of their muscles, too! Told you we were all into it!