Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blasto Poo...

Yep...that's right...I said it...I went there...blasto poo! Garrett Jake has been cursed with Montezuma's revenge! Yesterday before we could even leave for school, he soiled his drawers and had to be changed...it was liquid...ewwwww. At least I didn't have to clean it up for once! Hooray Eric! We took him to school thinking it was a random thing, but Eric called me at work around nine saying the school wanted him picked up. He had already soiled two more pairs of underwear! Eric saved the day, yet again, by picking Garrett up from preschool and staying home with him all day...superdad! Three more pairs of underwear went down during the day. Eric had to go have an MRI on his knee at 6, so I was here and nothing at all happened the rest of the night.

So, I thought maybe things were on the up and up down there, but low and behold, this morning right after Eric left for work (I had already made arrangements to stay home and rehabilitate Jake) Garrett had another blow out, soiling his drawers again! Luckily, while he did have more blasto poo throughout the day, there was no more soiling of the underwear...whew! We're going to give school another try tomorrow...pray for us, and pray hard, please!

Now, all of this is bad enough, but yesterday, Eric also got a call from Braden's school that he needed to be picked up. Ironically, Braden's issue was constipation! He said he was in the bathroom, screaming for me and his teacher. Ms. Adams bravely pressed on, rescuing Braden from his own personal elementary bathroom hell. You know, it's almost as if Braden has a sixth sense...he knew Garrett was at home and was not going to have any of the fun lost to himself. But, the joke was on them both...sick boys=no wii, no playing, no running, no squealing...only sitting calmly on the sofa all afternoon.

The issues with Garrett have reminded me of the days of baby diaper blow outs and boy am I thankful we're not going through THAT right now. I think we've both had quite enough poo issues over the past two days to last a lifetime.

Oh, and the water bill came in the mail again over the weekend. Eric's comment, "Guess I have to get out there and read the meter, huh?" My reply..."Someone has to..."


Michelle said...

Sorry your boys are sick. If that was going on in my house right now I'd be puking every time I had to deal with the underwear. I would just throw them away and buy a whole new package. I'm not usually that way, but this pregnancy makes me puke over everything. The other day I was wiping D after a bowel movement and had to yank her off the toilet so I could puke in it! Geesh! Tell Eric when reads your meter, just to hop on over and read mine too. ;) JK!!

Chad said...

Wow, blasto poo, great times! We're currently dealing with the diaper blow outs. Why does baby poo have to stink so bad?