Monday, March 29, 2010

Finally...A Sport Braden Likes...

After all the drama last spring with Braden and t-ball (tears, snot, the works...), we are so pleased that he has really taken to soccer! Granted, I know nothing about soccer, but Eric used to play and has grand plans for Braden and his lightning-fast feet...too bad Eric's knee surgery Wednesday will hamper the lessons planned. Guess I'll have to step in and take direction from "coach" and pass them on to Braden in the form of at-home practice. This is beginning to sound a little too much like exercise to me, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow.

Braden's very first game was tonight (after only a single practice) and he scored twice! He was very timid at first, most likely because he was clearly the biggest kid on the field and acted like he was going to break the others if he got near them. But, after that first goal, there was no stopping him! Way to go, Braden Riley!