Friday, March 5, 2010

"Let it run its course..."

After waitng for an hour-and-a-half at the pediatrician's office, I was told to let Garrett's bowel problem "run its course." He said that it normally takes between 3-7 days to clear on its own, but if it's not better by Monday, I have to take stool samples...ewwwww, gross!

We had lunch with Eric and his friend, Jim, at George's and had a really nice time. Garrett wouldn't eat anything, but my patty melt and french fries were amazing! Really, if you've not experienced George's fries, they are to die for! I needed a patty melt like a hole in the head, but I always get that when I go to George's.

Then, I took a wild hair and went to Braden's school at 1:30 and checked him out because the weather today was simply fabulous! When I asked Eric if he was mad at me for doing that, he just said "Don't make it a habit." Yeah, like I'm gonna' take off of work every Friday just to get Braden out of, it won't be a habit, BD! Braden, Garrett, and I headed over to Marble Slab for "fancy" icecream before heading to the park. We played for a bit and then walked around the little pond/lake there. The boys posed with the metal sculpture of the dog and man while I took pics on my phone, but I have no idea how to get the pictures to the computer...I'm a technological idiot! That's why I have JenGetsFancy to fancy up my blog page...I certainly can't! :0)

Our final stop was at my grandma's farm in OK. The boys love to go over there and swing on the back gate! Grandma was in a good, cheerful was nice. I hadn't seen her that "normal" since the funeral in December. My dad came in from feeding the cows and introduced us to his farmhand, who is assisting with taking care of the livestock since Dad works so much. The boys took to this guy right away, which is a little odd. I have always thought of them both as very shy around strangers. Anyway, we had a great visit and got home just as Eric did...what luck!

Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention that Garrett FINALLY won a race on MarioCart for Wii this morning...he was so proud! Sweet guy!


Michelle said...

I hope for your sake he stops by Monday because, speaking from experience, stool samples are not fun. :) Sounds like we just missed you guys at Marble Slab. Dani & I went there with a friend and her son at about the same time today. We should let our kids get together and play mario cart together some time. We have it too. It could get crazy with all 4 playing at the same time!

Jen said...

I laughed out loud about "don't make it a habit"...sounds so serious! :) Thanks for the props, too! Darren wanted me to tell you he misses Eric and can't wait for our next "date night"! :)