Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weiner Roast...

While Eric was grocery shopping this afternoon, I decided it was high time we began to clean up the scraggly brush around the creek in the back yard. When he returned home, I had one boy in footie pj's and tennis shoes (Braden), one ankle deep in creek mud (Garrett), and I was straddling the creek, attempting to get rid of some big, tangly roots that keep blocking the water drainage. After piling all of the limbs up, I suggested we have a weiner roast, and so we did. Erica, Matt, Tyler, Jacob, Mom, and Larry all came over and we had a marvelous time! The fire was great, the s'mores were greater, and the company was the greatest! We all knew it was just about time to wrap things up when the boys all began laying over on me and complaining of the cold. What fun! I forsee many more roasts in the future!