Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Braden's Teacher Conference...

I suppose I could go on and on, waxing poetic (or sarcastic) about teacher conference time, but I'll keep it short and to the point...promise.

Eric and I met with Mrs. Adams yesterday after school and all is well, except for behavior. That Braden, he's a willful one, he is. Not mean, just wants to do what Braden wants to do when Braden wants to do it. Mrs. Adams assured us that if it has anything to do with art or coloring, he's all over it, but other than that, not so much...

Braden's STAR reading test score increased several points since the fall administration and he is now a full-fledged emergent reader. He knows all of his sight words, how to measure stuff, and how to do simple math...but he still can't tie his shoes. Go figure.

All in all, it was a great conference and we are so blessed to have had Mrs. Adams as a part of Braden's academic career. She is just the most patient and kind person, which is precisely what Braden Riley needs.

In the mean time, he is just ecstatic, looking forward to his day with Nanna on Friday! He simply cannot wait! Garrett's class has a field trip and I have staff development, so he and Nanna will be kickin' it! He's already started his list of "Things to Do When Nanna Gets Here..."