Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sick House...

You know, there are just times in life when one feels truly tested. This is one of those times.

"The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances." -Aristotle

Braden fell asleep in the chair last night, so we moved him to his bed. On the way, he woke up and sort of whimpered and whined, but asked to just be put to bed. hour and a half later, while putting Garrett to bed, Eric noticed that Braden had vomited in his bed, but didn't tell anyone! We asked him why he didn't go to the toilet, connected right to his bedroom..."I'm not sure." Why didn't he come get one of us after the fact..."I'm not sure." That answer seems very familiar to him. Perhaps he's had to practice it a lot over the last months while living in the land of "yellow" at school!!!! But, we still have hearts. We gave him a shower, stripped his bed, and put him in with us...he said he felt better, and thank goodness it was true!

This was no ordinary vomit, was just about the stinkiest, smelliest, grossest mess I'd ever encountered. Eric and I were both effected by it, which is unusual. I usually have an iron stomach, thereby explaining the odd things I bring up during dinner conversations quite frquently. It also explains why I am typically the sole vomit cleaner-upper and was the primary poopy diaper changer. Nothing but the sight of blood, until now, really bothers me. It took a bit to get our stomachs settled as well!

So, today I have to fumigate the boys' room, Braden's mattress in particular, and get all of that soiled laundry cleaned up! Garrett is eating and drinking just fine, and we are praying that the bowel issues he's had are out the window! We are supposed to take the boys for choir practice this morning, but who knows if we will actually make it...