Monday, October 26, 2009

My Merry Christmas Craft...

I have a new ultra cool Merry Christmas sign (please ignore the ghosts and Halloween whatnot on my mantle in the pics!). I had seen a similar one on Etsy, but it was painted chipboard rectangles with stamped letters. That's what I would prefer, but I couldn't find the large alphabet stamps in any of our local craft stores. SOOOO, I found some perforated alphabet chipboard at Hobby Lobby, painted w/acrylic paint, and attached "Merry Christmas" scrap paper to the back. I hole-punched the tops of the letter cards and threaded w/wired ribbon. Finally, I tied on decorative ribbon scraps at the ends. It's light enough to be held on w/scotch tape, or I could put up those 3M hooks and tie the ribbon to those. Anyway, I'm just so proud that FINALLY, something turned out RIGHT! I also have enough letters left over to do a Happy Halloween...but at this late date, I may do something else...who knows?