Friday, October 23, 2009

The Promised Farm Photos...

A few weeks ago, all of the cousins were on hand at their great grandparent's farm to have a super fun time while their mommies cleaned house...literally and figuratively. I promised pics and here they are:

Tehya teeters on the tractor while the Three Musketeers take the wheel.

OMG! Braden found the key...and that John Deere did get fired up...and they did have to get down!

Fast friends, John and Garrett practice their favorite farm game, gate swingin'!


Michelle said...

I have been a bad friend and apparently, a bad blog follower lately. I thought I had added yours as one that I follow, and just thought you had not updated in a while. I checked it out tonight and it turns out I added a different blog with a similar name and never added yours. So I have done lots of catching up tonight. =)

Mad Dog's Mom said...

Tehya is so cute! Good pics!