Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?!...

I have been put off again and again at the pediatrician's office for the kids' flu shots. I began asking about them four weeks ago at Garrett's check-up and have been told repeatedly to just keep calling back to see if all of the high-risk kids had been vaccinated. Apparently, I had to have the boys wait until everyone else, the "priorities," had theirs first.

Well, I actually got to talk to the nurse today who told me that Braden, my RSV near-death survivor child, does happen to be a high-risk kiddo and Garrett is, too, being in the same household w/said high-risk RSV near-death survivor child. Great, so I tried to make an appointment to get in post haste to have their flu shots and the nurse informed me that they are now all out of shots for little ones like my boys. OMG! Are you kidding me?! I told her that there is to be a flag put on Braden's chart immediately so that this doesn't happen again next year...she said ok. BUT, that doesn't do squat for my boys or my schedule this year!

The only option we now have is to drive on over to the fairgrounds on Friday and wait in line for the drive-thru flu shot offered by, you guessed it, THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT! ARGH! Let me make one thing clear. I do not think I'm too good to go wait in line w/everyone else, but Eric and I work very hard to pay for insurance that will cover our children AT THEIR PEDIATRICIAN'S OFFICE! But, as you all know from my previous posts, our "insurance" doesn't cover any vaccination or immunizations in the office...they won't even reimburse the original cost of the shot! It's very frustrating...as if you couldn't tell.

So, the drive-thru thingie starts at 9 Friday morning. Eric informed me this evening that he has a mandatory all day meeting on Friday, so I've got to take off for it! Braden has a field trip in his costume scheduled for 12:45 and Garrett is supposed to go in his costume on a field trip at 10:15. Seeing as how everyone is desperate for the flu vaccine, I don't forsee being done any time quickly. I'm afraid they'll miss their parties and activities and it's just not fair! I have been missing so much work lately...UGH! I GUESS I'm done whining now...at least we don't have to actually sit at the health department. That's some sort of consolation...I guess.


Jen said...

:( Sorry about the crappy mess! I left you a little surprise over on my blog...go take a look! :)